Gymshark Tops Review

Alright I’ll admit it- I’m a Gymshark groupie. I’ve loved watching the insanely fast growth of the company. The thing that impresses me the most is how quickly quality has improved. It would be so easy to sacrifice that while weathering such a massive growth in sales. I know y’all have probably seen so many Gymshark reviews/hauls/try-ons from their sponsored athletes, but I wanted to throw some of my unbiased opinions into the mix. My last order was 3 of the new tops offered. Personally, I identify as a legging hoarder. I can’t stop buying them. When cleaning out my closet a couple of weeks ago, I realized how disproportionate my workout wardrobe had become. Thankfully, one of the last launches was chock full of cute tanks and tees. I was able to get my hands on the Aptitude Cropped Vest in Blackberry, Drawcord Crop Top in Sapphire Blue, and Loose T-Shirt in Black. All of them were ordered in an XS. I’m 5’2″ and ~115 pounds for reference. 

They arrived on Wednesday, all cute and begging to be reviewed. I was most excited about the Drawcord Crop because so many people had raved about it on Instagram and on Youtube. This top retails for $34.00 and comes in Sapphire Blue, Rich Purple, Black and Charcoal Marl. I was kind of expecting the material to be more cotton-y because I’d seen a few people style it with jeans. I personally wouldn’t because it is definitely an active/sweat-wicking material. Regardless, I think this was my favorite of the three as anticipated. I don’t usually wear long sleeves to the gym but the thumb and elbow cut-outs were just the perfect details. I’m short and have absolutely no upper-body so it wasn’t super cropped on me like it is on some people. Please enjoy my awkward self-timer pictures that I took on my phone. 

Next up was the Loose T-Shirt in Black. It also comes in White and Light Grey Marl. I absolutely adore the fabric of this shirt. It’s super soft but kind of thin and light so that you don’t overheat. I don’t think the thin fabric makes it seem cheap, just good for workouts or being outside on a hot day. As mentioned above, I ordered an XS and it was still plenty loose & long. 

As y’all already know, I’m pretty basic. So I did the basic girl thing and tied up the shirt in a cute lil knot. Also definitely wore this out to a beer garden last night because I don’t know what real clothes are anymore. This shirt retails for $24 and I think it’s a really good closet staple tee. I also like that the logo isn’t huge. 

The third shirt I purchased was the Aptitude Crop. It’s currently available in Blackberry (which I ordered) and Black. It was $38 which seemed a little pricey but according to the website it has anti-odor technology, and I mean who doesn’t want that for cardio? I couldn’t get a good picture of the back, which is a mesh material, but it was very airy and breathable. This vest was definitely not a crop on me, but it’s rare that a top ever is. I actually put it to the cardio test for my stair-master session right after this picture was taken. I didn’t notice any smells so I mean I guess the fabric was doing its job. It 100% shows every drop of sweat though so if you’re not into that maybe get the black. I also live in Houston, TX and it was 95 degrees and 1329482387% humidity according to my very accurate calculations. Which means I was sweating a lot. You’re welcome for that gross mental image. 

You may have notice that my leggings are also Gymshark. I’ll probably wait and do a separate bottoms post eventually, but these are the Flex Leggings in Black Marl/Black. They are on the website for $38. I don’t think they’re quite as flattering as some of my other leggings, but the waistband stays in place which is really rare. I never have to pull them up during a workout. I think they’re probably some of the best leggings you can find at that price point. I’m dying for a pair of the Seamless leggings, but so far I haven’t been fast enough during the restocks. 

I hope this post was somewhat informative and helpful! Overall I’d recommend Gymshark and think most things run true to size. Let me know what other brands I should try out and potentially review.  

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